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Episode 7

In the latest episode, we chat with the team from Park Avenue Communications about the importance of branding. They share why it's important to do some initial discovery before starting your business but also that it's important for established businesses to review their brand goals every few years to make sure they are being consistent.

Episode 6

We're sharing some of our favourite tips to engage with your followers on social media. It's not only about the number of followers you have and the number of likes you get. It's about engagement and connecting with your community.

Episode 5

We've got lifestyle coach and fitness guru Dai Manuel on the podcast this week. We're chatting about his 5 Pillars of Wellness and his latest project the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto.

Episode 4

In this episode we chat with Chris Tse from Blitz Conditioning about branding, social media and leaving a legacy in the community.

Episode 3

This week, we chatted with Andrea Rice and Ula Kaniuch from lululemon about what their brand does to create a strong vibrant community. We also chatted about their ambassador program and how that part of their culture helps them support their communities. So many great things happening with these guys and plenty yet to come with their new Whyte Lab.

Episode 2

Find out how to create your brand and grow your community. By developing a strong culture, you will attract the type of clients that will help your business grow.

Episode 1

Here we go. Our first podcast episode for City 'N Social. What are we all about? What do we have in store? How do we help create community. Check out our feed on Soundcloud


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